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Talent concept

The company values talents, and its "people-oriented" strategy has injected new vitality into the company.

Employee stock ownership: the company and employees grow together and share the fruits of growth

Establish "Innovation Award" and "Creativity Award"

Every year there are tourism, group building activities, and entertainment events

Welfare holiday

Recruitment position

Senior R&D Engineer

Basic salary + rakeBachelor degree or above
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job requirements: 1. Major in polymer or chemical engineering, bachelor degree or above; 2. More than three years of working experience in the plastic modification industry, familiar with the product development process and the latest developments in the plastic industry at home and abroad; 3. Have good research and development capabilities, organization and coordination capabilities, communication skills and teamwork spirit; 4. Experience in the development of biodegradable plastic or film masterbatch projects is preferred; 5. Those who have led or participated in the research and development of large-scale projects, or have achieved innovative research results are preferred. The company provides generous treatment with an annual salary of more than 100,000 yuan and a good development platform. Those who do not meet the conditions do not vote.
Work overview: Responsible for the company's existing product optimization, new product research and development, new project research, demonstration and project approval.

Sales Manager

Basic salary + rakeBachelor degree or above
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job requirements: 1. Bachelor degree or above; 2. Familiar with the operation mode of the plastics market and have strong market development capabilities, with more than five years of plastic sales and work experience in the same position; 3. Have the ability to form, manage, command and coordinate the corresponding sales team; 4. Have rich customer resources and good customer relationship; 5. Marketing experience of plastic modified materials is preferred.
Work overview: Responsible for the relevant management of the company's sales department, involving formulating sales plans and sales policies, achieving sales targets, and responsible for the selection, management and related assessment of sales personnel in the department.
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