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Application of TPE in spray function switch valve

Traditional multifunctional flower is aspersed mostly need both hands to be able to change its give water state, use rise inconvenient, and press type flower is aspersed, press with one hand can realize the switch of function of flower asperse, operation is very convenient. This effect can be achieved because the design of the handheld shower USES a press-type shower switch valve, which consists of a mandrel, a spring, a one-way turntable and a sealed shaft (different structural designs will be different).

One-way rotary table, the early design is using PPO or ABS and liquid silica gel for the second injection plastic bag, this design because the need to use liquid silica gel injection molding machine, many manufacturers are unable to produce by themselves, need to outsource the processing.


In order to solve this problem, Jyou independently developed a high-performance TPE, which can be used for secondary injection molding with PP, ABS, PPO, POM and other engineering plastics, and this TPE passed various functional tests of customers (such as high and low temperature, wear resistance, durability tests, etc.).